The Firebrick Wind Project is currently in development in the Townships of Prairie, Cuivre, and Linn in Audrain County, MO. The project is proposed to be located on primarily agricultural and recreational land and is anticipated to have the ability to produce up to 380 MW of renewable power. The project is expected to host approximately 70-95 wind turbines ranging in generation capacity between 4 to 5.5MW each. Although a turbine supplier has not yet been selected, Cordelio expects to give preference to suppliers who manufacturer their turbines in the United States. Turbines for the Firebrick Wind Project will be sited, built, and operated according to a Commercial Wind Energy Project Development Agreement signed with the County Commission of Audrain County in January of 2022. The full Development Agreement can be found here


We are currently engaging with local landowners who may be interested in leasing their land to host portions of the project on their property. To learn more about the Firebrick wind project, or opportunities for leasing land to participate in it, please visit our local office at 610 W. Hwy 54, Suite B in Vandalia, MO. Alternatively, you can email our Development Manager Stephanie Ottey at

Benefits of Wind Energy

Wind projects optimize land use by only requiring approximately 2/3 of an acre of land per turbine and associated access roads. Wind projects bring diversified income to local farming families, provide long-term predictable cash flows for the life of the project and increase property tax revenue to local units of government while allowing current farming practices to continue.

What is the benefit to me if I lease my land?

Landowners will receive payments for leasing their land for the project. Payments begin based on leased acreage during the Development Term that increase over time. Upon signing a lease, you will receive your first Development Term payment based on your leased acreage and these will continue on an annual basis while we develop the project. Once project construction is complete, payments will be paid both on an acreage basis as well as depending on the infrastructure that has been installed on your property. Additionally, the agreement accounts for compensation around crop and compaction damage.

How would a turbine affect the usage of my land?

Leasing your property for the Firebrick wind project is expected to have little impact on your land use. As mentioned above, only a small portion of land is needed for the siting of a wind turbine and access road. Once construction is completed, the remainder of your land can continue to be used as it is currently. After construction is complete and during operations, landowners are still able to farm crops or tend to livestock on their property. At the end of the project’s life, any above-ground facilities installed on your land will be removed and the property returned to a similar condition as it was before.